A weird night spent with a temperature of 101*F. Yielded up the usual restless half sleep, fever dreams.


Earlier this month, I headed out solo to a Saturday night Biergarten meetup near Schlesisches Tor. The fortnight prior to that had been rather solitary: my partner was visiting the US, and a number of my Berlin friends were on extended vacations. Meanwhile I’d successfully filled my time with work, dog, Netflix, German interactions, and […]

Lately I’m really having a bit of a crisis of conscience, re: my locks and the valid reality of cultural appropriation. Bear with me. I’m not passing judgement on anyone, because that’s not my place. This is just something more and more I’m beginning to wrestle with personally, and there’s not an “easy” answer. I […]

When viewed from just a few steps remove, the tedium of daily experience takes on a profoundly absurd quality. It’s that absurdity which, if I let it, leaves me dazzled and disoriented. Everything, from the everyday little dramas one the one hand to the yawning abyss of the Unknown on the other—I can see the […]

“Anyone know what’s up with the helicopter(s) over F’shain tonight?” It was an otherwise normal weeknight mid-January, and my social media post hadn’t garnered much peer response. I spun my wheels deploying a number of unsuccessful search terms before finally establishing that said uncharacteristic helicopter action had occurred in conjunction with a massive police raid […]

Christmas night was, for my partner and I (and the dog), a mostly mellow affair dedicated to the simpler things: warm beverages, a box of plundered chocolates, a movie or three. And serving as backdrop: the festive glow of lights on our balcony overlooking the peaceful streets of Friedrichshain below. Around 7:30pm my partner took […]

Leipzig is just a little over an hour away by train, so I recently decided to make a weekend trip of it. I was there to engage in the usual touristy goodness, to pay homage to some of my classical music heroes, visit their homes-turned-museums, and otherwise steep myself in the kind of picturesque historical […]