Big news!

Well, just as we’re starting to find our legs here in San Francisco’s esoteric Outer Sunset, it looks like we’ll be charging off on a new tangent and new adventure as T has accepted a most exciting job offer. Looks like we’re headed to Berlin!

“Berlin, as in Germany?” my brother asked when I called to announce the big news to my family.

Berlin, as in Germany! We don’t have a real timetable for the move yet except that T will be starting work with them mid-November, which leaves us with about a month and a half to sort things out with our apartment here in SF. Most likely we’re looking at a situation where I stay behind for a few weeks to finish things up here before I join him.

Oh, but that’s only part of the big news. We’re getting married! In terms of dependents/visas, etc. Germany doesn’t recognize long term non-married relationships, and being that I don’t have a similar job prospect waiting for me in Berlin, it would be more complicated for me to try join him otherwise. So we’re fondly calling it our German shotgun wedding.

“Congratulations on your Schrotflintehochzeit, or should I say, your Zwangsheirat!” one of my aunts wrote to me after we made our announcement.

It’s not really a “forced marriage”, of course. T and I are both ecstatic. We’ll be keeping it short and sweet, a quick civil ceremony at City Hall. November 5 was literally the soonest I could book an appointment for a ceremony. Halloween was already booked out—darn! However, we will be getting our marriage license on Halloween, so that’s something.

(Sidenote: isn’t it a wonderful world we live in that I can book appointments for both license and ceremony online??)

It’s going to be hard to leave the Bay Area, we’ve both fallen in love with this place over the past year and a half, but this is an adventure that we can’t possibly pass up. An amazing career move for Travis to work with a team of extremely talented professionals and for a company he’s already passionate about; and a chance for me to expand my German language skills.

We’re both still reeling from the news, and a lot of details to organize in the meantime!

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