Monthly Archives: November 2013

Word of the Night: “Schaum”

I started a profile on when we lived in SF when I wanted to look for some activities to get involved with about town, maybe make some friends. I didn’t end up going to a single one. Well, fast forward a year and a half later, I updated my profile and started looking around […]

Problem / Kein Problem

I was cruising down the sauce aisle at Kaiser’s originally on a simple mission to obtain mustard and hot sauce to add to our condiments collection, and then I got the idea to make a nice spaghetti dinner, so went about collecting sauce and noodles … Then the meat section fouled up my intentions. Hackfleisch […]

Wie komme ich zu der … US Embassy?

Before I arrived in Berlin, those last few weeks were a flurry of activity, no the least of which included getting married to my partner in a surprisingly sweet little ceremony at the SF City Hall. Anyway, I planned to take his name, per tradition, and because, face it, he has a very take-able name. […]

Temporary Housing

Because I cleaned house and promised photos … here’s our cute little temporary Berlin apartment. They did a really good job of stocking the place for us, especially the kitchen. I almost wish we could just stay here when all our boxes arrive, es ist sehr nett.

Wäsche Drama

Yesterday, around 4pm I’d acquired my Waschmittel so I set about trying to figure out the combination Washer/Dryer. I envisioned this sort of patient unraveling of words and meanings — there’s a chart on the detergent to determine how long and how hot according to how dirty and how hard your water is. Long words […]

Thee End: but a new blog is begun!

This is a little note to the followers of Thee Caffeinated Crow, having come to the decision to bid that blog adieu. Given the change of locales (Berlin!) with my husband, it seems only appropriate to begin anew. I hope that at least some of my followers will decide to join me here at Kaffee […]


I’ve arrived in Berlin, safe and sound. To deploy some of my Pimsleur phrasing: Es war eine gute Reise. It was smooth sailing the entire way, including the layover in Frankfurt. The temporary apartment is really cute and fully furnished — they even have slippers for us. We’re just around the corner from the Berlin […]