Monthly Archives: December 2013


Our first Christmas in here in Berlin. We spent Christmas Eve with new friends, watching Coraline, enjoying beer and Glühwein and a dinner of salmon, garlicky-good potatoes, and steamed edamame followed by a decadent Austrian dessert which I cannot remember the name for, but there was rum in it. Yum. We tried several times to […]

Krampusnacht …

We couldn’t have asked for a better night for a storm, though unbeknownst to us yesterday evening. I’d spent the day shut away in the apartment until after dark when I needed to run an errand to the audio repair shop near Schönhauser Allee. It proved to me that despite my new scarf and layer […]

At the Weihnachtsmarkt

Another day at the Christmas Market. This time after getting good and cold walking around I tried the Glühwein, mmmm! When it’s hot just about the most magical thing to hold in your cold little mitts, but if you get distracted by the wooden crafts or the chocolates shaped like Werkzeuge or by the iceskaters […]