Monthly Archives: January 2014

Trödelmarkt and Crows

Another successful plunder at the Boxhagener flea market, I suspect the cold is keeping the crowds at bay. Both my German and my haggling skills were better this time, thank you Duolingo and the fact that I’ve been perusing Ikea and for furniture items. We found three small oriental rugs (“Wie viel kostet dieser […]


Not to be deterred by a little ice, I’m about to go run my daily errands in -3°C. I discovered I can take the U8 to Alexanderplatz and then U5 it to Friedrichshain which drops me off only a couple of blocks from the new apartment. We’re expecting the modem to be delivered sometime this […]

Delivery Day

After more than two long months, we are at last reunited with our stuff. It feels like Christmas and Birthday and Halloween all rolled into one. Last week we had a bit of an anxiety attack when finding out that our boxes had been randomly selected for customs inspection. I’m told they are simply looking […]

Revenge of the Scotoma

Yesterday’s fleamarket-high was shortlived, alas. We took the M10 back to the temporary apartment, and I had only just swept into the kitchen to fix us a celebratory late lunch when I became suddenly aware of a suspect “afterimage” glare a little off center in my field of vision. Well, DAMN IT. This little flickering […]

Hello, Livingroom Furniture

First time shopping the Boxhagener Platz Trödelmarkt, the Sunday fleamarket near our new place. We were there mostly just to get an idea of the kind of wares and the pricing. Lots of exciting decorating possibilities like mirrors, clocks and rugs, quirky furniture pieces old and new-ish. We did a good job of staying focused, […]

Apartment-Hunting Spoils

Before Christmas T and I began our apartment hunting, and in HouseHunters International style, we compiled our Want list: Top Floor Having uncompromising elephants for upstairs neighbors was really the only downside of the beach apartment in SF, and more than a little traumatizing. So T and I agreed this really was a must, even […]


Fireworks are legal in Berlin, boy howdy. For just a few days every store in the city seems to be selling them, and everyone seems to be buying them en masse. The days leading up to New Year’s are punctuated with the sounds of smaller explosions, pops and bangs, some distant, some not so distant. […]