Monthly Archives: February 2014

Shoe Pranks

It seems like a huge part of our day (mine and T’s) consists of projecting personalities (and conversations) onto inanimate objects. The VPN at work went down for about 3 hours this afternoon, so I decided to make another comic. Advertisements


A little comic I made. Having repotted the aloe plants using (in part) soil from the backyard at the temp apartment, we’ve discovered a little plantie-hitchhiker. As long as everyone continues to get along, he can stay.

Crows in Cardigans

We’ve adopted the familiar routine now of placing peanuts on the balcony in the mornings. Mostly it’s been magpies (they’re quicker and that makes them ballsier), but I’ve seen a few crows. Most of the Berlin crows are Hooded Crows, recognizable for their black hood and wings but grey bodies. Personally I think they look […]

Welcome to my office

Acclimatizing to the new desk setup here. The table top is a bit lower than I’m used to, so the first week was just terrible on my back. I’m trying to make a point to be much more posture-conscious, and that seems to be helping. Plus I took away my little chair cushion to make […]