Monthly Archives: May 2014

NIN at the Zitadelle

Nine Inch Nails, our first concert in Berlin! T actually bought these tickets way back in November when we first arrived in Berlin. Hanging out at the temporary place on Brunnenstrasse and wondering what it would be like to go all the way out to the Spandau Zitadelle, ZOMG, so weit! Oh, but Berlin’s transportation […]

Meet Haku

Latest pup-closups from the breeder: meet Janus Haku Fuchur, our soon-to-be little luck dragon. Just four more weeks and we can bring him home :D

May Day Roadtripping

May Day, leaving the city behind in a rental car bound for north and west on the Autobahn to visit the puppies in Katharinenheerd. Quite the long drive, but thankfully our friends were doing the driving and the navigating. Most striking were all the yellow fields of Rapeseed and wind turbines. Germany is a really […]