Tapping earth

When I write songs it tends to be a jumble of emotions and colors and landscapes and dramas, and I put a lot of thought and energy into “Tapping Earth” to flesh it out. It ended up being a complicated synesthetic story about the expansion of civilization and consumption of resources. I hadn’t planned on doing a song about that, of course. That’s sort of the “narrative” that developed in the process of connecting everything.

It begins with this tender mortal wish to obtain something better, fragility of life. Love. Good intentions.

So we strike out as pioneers into this wild untouched world of nature, motion propelled forth by discontent and desire to possess and consume, rolling forward, questing, reaching …

Until that moment we find it: Mechanisation, the industrious spirit, creating, building.

But it quickly scales out from the desire/labors of the individual to the greater demand of larger and larger scale populations. Supply and demand. Product availability. Rampant consumption of good. Excess and starvation. Plunder of resources.

Global factory. Relentless rhythm of machine parts. Things distantly vocalizing protest and falling silent. Nothing is ever enough. Slipping into crisis, natural resources depleting.

Scaling out further. This is the recurring tragedy of civilization. Those tender individual creatures. Bewilderment. Hope. Maybe there’s something better. Futility of who we are. Fragility of life and love.

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