Monthly Archives: May 2015

Latex, Latex, Latex: A Night at the German Fetish Ball

It’s not every weekend plans include attending a Ball. Special preparations were in order. I needed the perfect dress, the right accessories—black leather and stainless-steel. I needed to shine my boots. You see, this was no Cinderella-style affair I was preparing for, but the 12th Annual German Fetish Ball taking place over the long Ascension […]

Berlin: Poor, Sexy, Conflicted

To the outsider coming in, rough-edged, smart-mouthed Berlin with its signature grime and its graffiti, its punks and its parties, not to mention its “work to live, not live to work” attitude—it’s easy to feel like you’ve discovered that pulsing, untapped vein of youthful vitality, a true coalition of creativity and chaos. “Berlin is poor, […]

Get Yourself Some Insurances—A Berlin Take on a German Custom

Early on the morning of April 30th neighbors in the vicinity of Friedrichshain’s Grünberger / Warschauer Straße were roused by the sound of sirens when a Matratzen store on the corner caught fire and burned spectacularly. There were no injuries, however the street-level store had been completely burned out and the entire 5-story apartment building […]