Hold on, security

*following rough night of houseparty confrontation*

Me: “for what it’s worth i think if we’re ever faced w post apocalyptic future, we’ll be in good hands”

T: “what makes you say that?”

Me: “you won’t let anybody F with us. at the same time you don’t just wreak havoc for no reason. you’ve got a lot of ‘just-but-stern-ruler’ qualities.”

T: “hmm”

Me: “me—i can be all gather & support, but you—you’re the guy”

T: “you do realize in this story i’m gone after, like, the first three chapters, and then it’s all about you and how you have to survive forward”

Me: “is hundie there?”

T: “yeah, hundie’s there. but you guys have to figure out how to survive together”

Me: “ooh, it’s like The Road where Haku is the kid who’s too pure for this blighted world”

T: “and you’re the one pushing the shopping cart and hiding an ominous cough”

Me: “sharing my wisdoms while trying to preserve his innocence”

T: “meanwhile he’s marking every single thing along the way—’hold on, security'”

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