Summer Solstice

Nine years ago today I met someone who changed my life.

It’s relationship cliche to say that about one’s partner: O Fortune, thou hast smiled upon me.

More accurately though, our meeting would go on to become a catalyst for that much desired (and much needed tbh) personal growth.

I say “become”, because, while the moment we met and all of that day and days and weeks and months later were charged with a significance, it was also abstract and unfocused, like me, and it took me a long while to recognize what kind of introspection, unflinching self-examination, and WORK would be required in order to become whole.

And after so many years convincing myself I was weak and fragile and messy and fractured … only to recognize I’ve actually always been whole.

And then realizing that wholeness or happiness isn’t the goal anyway; that, at macro scale, it’s an ongoing ambivalent process, this life thing, one that churns and keeps on churning with or without your opinion or input, heedless of whatever narrative you’ve attempted to spin for yourself.

The artifice and the urgency fall away.

The beauty of it, of existing, is in simply being present for it and its fluctuations, fluctuating together.

Love is the ongoing call and response of experience, confirming for one another that we perceive, that we are here.

Happy Solstice 🌞

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