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Eileen’s DIY Internet Pickle Goodness (also Vegan-Friendly)

Last Fall I was briefly obsessed with making refrigerator pickles and began to sing their praises to all my peeps here in Friedrichshain. Now months later, I’ve come across the set of instructions I wrote out for a (vegan) friend, and I figure why not repost it here on the blog. So, if you too […]

“But Where are You From?” / Awkward Emissaries & Other Meetup Shenanigans

Earlier this month, I headed out solo to a Saturday night Biergarten meetup near Schlesisches Tor. The fortnight prior to that had been rather solitary: my partner was visiting the US, and a number of my Berlin friends were on extended vacations. Meanwhile I’d successfully filled my time with work, dog, Netflix, German interactions, and […]

The Club and the Coast, the Unlikely Comfort of Rhythms

When viewed from just a few steps remove, the tedium of daily experience takes on a profoundly absurd quality. It’s that absurdity which, if I let it, leaves me dazzled and disoriented. Everything, from the everyday little dramas one the one hand to the yawning abyss of the Unknown on the other—I can see the […]

Die Gentrifizierung: A City Always Changing

“Anyone know what’s up with the helicopter(s) over F’shain tonight?” It was an otherwise normal weeknight mid-January, and my social media post hadn’t garnered much peer response. I spun my wheels deploying a number of unsuccessful search terms before finally establishing that said uncharacteristic helicopter action had occurred in conjunction with a massive police raid […]

Resolving Intolerance, a New Year’s Resolution

Christmas night was, for my partner and I (and the dog), a mostly mellow affair dedicated to the simpler things: warm beverages, a box of plundered chocolates, a movie or three. And serving as backdrop: the festive glow of lights on our balcony overlooking the peaceful streets of Friedrichshain below. Around 7:30pm my partner took […]

O Leipzig, What Cruelty: A Taste of Nightlife

Leipzig is just a little over an hour away by train, so I recently decided to make a weekend trip of it. I was there to engage in the usual touristy goodness, to pay homage to some of my classical music heroes, visit their homes-turned-museums, and otherwise steep myself in the kind of picturesque historical […]

Berlin, Get Ya Head-Nod On

We roll up on Gretchen on Obentrautstraße near 2:00am. Small disjointed clusters of people are loitering outside an otherwise unassuming building next to a Bio Markt. Perhaps I’ve grown to expect my clubs have a certain presence, whether located in industrial cellars or decommissioned power stations. The fact that there is no queue at the […]