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The Club and the Coast, the Unlikely Comfort of Rhythms

When viewed from just a few steps remove, the tedium of daily experience takes on a profoundly absurd quality. It’s that absurdity which, if I let it, leaves me dazzled and disoriented. Everything, from the everyday little dramas one the one hand to the yawning abyss of the Unknown on the other—I can see the […]

O Leipzig, What Cruelty: A Taste of Nightlife

Leipzig is just a little over an hour away by train, so I recently decided to make a weekend trip of it. I was there to engage in the usual touristy goodness, to pay homage to some of my classical music heroes, visit their homes-turned-museums, and otherwise steep myself in the kind of picturesque historical […]

Berlin, Get Ya Head-Nod On

We roll up on Gretchen on Obentrautstraße near 2:00am. Small disjointed clusters of people are loitering outside an otherwise unassuming building next to a Bio Markt. Perhaps I’ve grown to expect my clubs have a certain presence, whether located in industrial cellars or decommissioned power stations. The fact that there is no queue at the […]

Getting Your BDSM Bearings at Café Endlos

Berlin has a bit of a libertine reputation when it comes to sex, but there’s more to this kinky capitol city than just fetish clubs and S&M dungeons. It’s also home to a vibrant, multi-faceted BDSM community. As a newcomer it can seem a daunting task to break into such a scene—especially if you’re feeling […]

Moment in a Song: Berlin’s Unsung Indie Scene

I came to Berlin for electronic music, and I haven’t been disappointed. Let me say that first. However, I also appreciate not everybody is into techno, and it can be a bit of a culture shock if you’re used to a more in-your-face local indie scene. Berlin doesn’t have much of a hey-it’s-Friday-night-let’s-go-see-a-band culture, not […]

Chasing the Chthonic Mysteries at Subland

Berlin is the place to be for electronic music. This is a known. But even for the enthusiastic electro-aficionado, sometimes you’re just not feeling the usual minimal techno and house music varieties. You’re craving something different: something darker perhaps, something heavier. Maybe you’re in the mood for something a bit more deliberate, aggressive, dirty. Whatever […]

Latex, Latex, Latex: A Night at the German Fetish Ball

It’s not every weekend plans include attending a Ball. Special preparations were in order. I needed the perfect dress, the right accessories—black leather and stainless-steel. I needed to shine my boots. You see, this was no Cinderella-style affair I was preparing for, but the 12th Annual German Fetish Ball taking place over the long Ascension […]