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“But Where are You From?” / Awkward Emissaries & Other Meetup Shenanigans

Earlier this month, I headed out solo to a Saturday night Biergarten meetup near Schlesisches Tor. The fortnight prior to that had been rather solitary: my partner was visiting the US, and a number of my Berlin friends were on extended vacations. Meanwhile I’d successfully filled my time with work, dog, Netflix, German interactions, and […]

Crisis of Conscience

Lately I’m really having a bit of a crisis of conscience, re: my locks and the valid reality of cultural appropriation. Bear with me. I’m not passing judgement on anyone, because that’s not my place. This is just something more and more I’m beginning to wrestle with personally, and there’s not an “easy” answer. I […]

Solar Eclipse

Funny thing, this caught me completely off guard today, the solar eclipse. I’d had enough temporal awareness to note that today was the first day of Spring, and scrawling sassy little social media postings thereon: I can tell the slow unfurling of Frühling is underway by the recent increase in neighborhood birdsong. Especially those mysterious […]

Feuer! Die Wohnung brennt!

Ok, so this happened today. I was working at my desk next to the window that faces the street and I started hearing yelling outside. I didn’t react right away, because there’s a Späti right across the street, and it has a habit of collecting colorful characters on its sidewalk, even in the morning. However, […]

You Make Me Flutter

When I was a music student, I was only a mediocre bassoonist and I’ve never been a pianist, but I’ve loved me some modal resonances since as long as I can recall. I used to lock myself away in the bassoon studio with its baby grand piano where I’d clunk away to my own amusement […]

Tapping Earth

When I write songs it tends to be a jumble of emotions and colors and landscapes and dramas, and I put a lot of thought and energy into “Tapping Earth” to flesh it out. It ended up being a complicated synesthetic story about the expansion of civilization and consumption of resources. I hadn’t planned on […]

NIN at the Zitadelle

Nine Inch Nails, our first concert in Berlin! T actually bought these tickets way back in November when we first arrived in Berlin. Hanging out at the temporary place on Brunnenstrasse and wondering what it would be like to go all the way out to the Spandau Zitadelle, ZOMG, so weit! Oh, but Berlin’s transportation […]