We roll up on Gretchen on Obentrautstraße near 2:00am. Small disjointed clusters of people are loitering outside an otherwise unassuming building next to a Bio Markt. Perhaps I’ve grown to expect my clubs have a certain presence, whether located in industrial cellars or decommissioned power stations. The fact that there is no queue at the […]

When it comes to opera, you could say the performance is the tangible “product” of an opera house: a sensory experience comprised of sound, story, and setting. But in truth it is only the very tip of the vast iceberg which is the planning, the training, and the coordination which goes into any given production. […]

When going to live abroad you’re bound to encounter customs, idiosyncrasies, little day-to-day things that are different than you’re used to. For me one of those things was parcel service (like DHL, Hermes, etc.), specifically the part where your neighbors accept your package for you if you’re not home, or vice versa. I don’t know […]

Berlin has a bit of a libertine reputation when it comes to sex, but there’s more to this kinky capitol city than just fetish clubs and S&M dungeons. It’s also home to a vibrant, multi-faceted BDSM community. As a newcomer it can seem a daunting task to break into such a scene—especially if you’re feeling […]

When I was in school, I remember my foreign language teacher telling our class that the best way to learn a language was via total immersion. As a teenage girl learning German in a Texas public school, I never dreamed I’d encounter such an opportunity, but fast-forward 15 years, grammar and vocabulary eroded by the […]

I came to Berlin for electronic music, and I haven’t been disappointed. Let me say that first. However, I also appreciate not everybody is into techno, and it can be a bit of a culture shock if you’re used to a more in-your-face local indie scene. Berlin doesn’t have much of a hey-it’s-Friday-night-let’s-go-see-a-band culture, not […]

Berlin is the place to be for electronic music. This is a known. But even for the enthusiastic electro-aficionado, sometimes you’re just not feeling the usual minimal techno and house music varieties. You’re craving something different: something darker perhaps, something heavier. Maybe you’re in the mood for something a bit more deliberate, aggressive, dirty. Whatever […]