Macht nichts

There’s an older lady who likes to say hi to Haku. She lives down the street from us. I’ll make a point to wave up at her if she’s out on her balcony when we’re walking by her building, or we’ll stop to chat a bit if our paths cross. It’s been a little while …
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Die Gentrifizierung: a city always changing

My first real conversation on the topic happened to unfold at a Goa party. It was my first summer in Berlin and my German was woefully lacking, so I was at the mercy of those few sweet hippies who could accommodate in English. Having described to one guy the relief I felt in coming to Berlin after the economic brutalities of San Francisco, he countered that a similar creature was growing within Berlin, though he floundered, trying to summon the English word for it, offering instead, “… die Gentrifizierung??” Continue reading Die Gentrifizierung: a city always changing